Should I buy the Liberty Laptop? Is the EoP threat real?

BitCoin Ben (BB) is associated with They have a product called the Liberty Laptop which BitCoin Ben (BB) says will allow continued network access after a Cyb3r Polyg0n situation (the g0v requires an ID and possibly a thick client software to use the internet). BB says that recent laptops have chip modifications that allow EoP (Ethernet over Power) and that network connections can be routed over a sm@rt meter for centralized control. This seems similar to those GE wall units that routes an Ethernet connection over the power lines within a home.

My basic question is: Do you think the EoP threat is real? Additionally, what questions would you ask the tech people at Calix Solutions about the laptop?

Here are a couple links to existing products that use EoP.:

My paranoid suspicion is that EoP solutions may appear to be the technical solution to take the internet away. When I worked for the state in the 90’s the department I worked at was using SPX/IPX for the network protocol. There was a near universal “magic” decision to go with TCP/IP at that time. I suspect something similar may be in the “future.”

Possibly related is that Europe is moving to a less secure web protocol that is less secure than the current HTTPS with certificates (e.g. Let’s Encrypt) which will allow man in the middle connections for the beast (EU) govs.


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