Cancer Treatments

27 April 2024 – Hi Chris. I’m the husband of Peggy who worked with John. I’m here to help you help John – if you like. If I had cancer, I’d immediately take FenBen with vitamin E (with tocotrienols). I have some FenBen and also Ivermectin. It is likely on Amazon. If not, I can order from overseas (India, a primary manufacturing country for big pharma).

I have a friend “Garth” who has lung cancer. He has been using Fenbendazole “FenBen” and his doctors have been amazed at his positive cancer fight. I can put you in touch with Garth for specifics. Denise, his wife, may have more specific detail. The links below focus on FenBen yet there are other treatments that may be useful too. A search of “prostate” and “fenbendazole” also came up with “Mebendazole”.

This “FenBen” information originally came from Clif High who I follow closely. Additionally, Dr Lee Merritt, talks about the “parasitic” nature of cancer in general.

Clif High – Fenbendazole – Introduction

Clif High – Supplements in my diet -Old bodies need maintenance

Clif High – Cancer – My history with it.

I like Dr. Lee Merritt’s “parasitic” model of cancer. If I could put someone in charge of Americas medical system it would be her. I do not have specific Lee Merritt cancer links right now. A good general audio intro to her is here (it is more about what I call the “War on Humanity”). She has a few channels on Telegram, the main one is . Her web site is . I’d start at her web site for cancer discussions. Somewhere she talks about (spelling??) Nitrozole as a potential cancer treatment. The point is that I think both Clif and Lee Merritt talk about using is multiple anti parasite medications (FenBen, Ivermectin, etc.). They might be alternating or together.

Call me anytime, I love helping out.


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