Ron & Peg’s Wedding

last updated 5:37 PM Thursday 9/12/2019

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It’s going to be hot (high 98 degrees). Please be sure to bring your swim suit (or not if you prefer au naturel). There will be a house with A/C. There will likely be a breeze so it should feel cooler.

Camping facts: you can show up on Friday and stay late into Sunday. People are bringing their trailers. So bring yours too. There will be limited electricity available, bring a power chord if you like to tap in. Bathrooms will be in the main house so choose your site with that in mind.

Food: There is going to be a taco bar for the main feast. Beans and rice tacos will be available for those who want meatless. There will be some vegetarian hors de vors. Some quiche and fruit will be available for breakfast on Sunday. There will also be a full kitchen that can be used to prepare any food you bring. The local Davis Coop has great healthy food.

How to get to the wedding (Pamsterdam)
Beer, Cider and Wine Selection. We decided to go with a bunch of six packs rather than a keg. There may be some growlers too (West Coast IPA?).
More pictures of Pamsterdam

Wedding gifts? see below. Your presence is really all we need.

Wedding Gifts?

We really do not need much if anything in the way of material items. So no pressure or expectations on getting us wedding gifts. That said we do want to replace the carpet in our bedroom. If you want to contribute to that fund we have a few ways to make that happen.

If you have an eVite account, you can contribute through Pledgling.

You can also donate through Ron’s PayPal account called “CalCrumble” at the button below.

Or you can put it in our card box at the wedding.

Camping and or swimming is available on the wedding site known as Pamsterdam.

The wedding site Pamsterdam. Owned by good friends Eric and Pam.
Sunset by the pool.