Shipping Claim

On October 19th, I sent 3 (tracking numbers: 397952428831, 397952447150, & 397952464564) boxes from Office Depot (7933 E. Stockton Blvd, Sac CA 95823) to Cheryl Rice (10215 126th Ave NE, Kirkland WA 98033) via FedEx Ground. The contents of the boxes were family China and the boxes were clearly labeled as Fragile.

Two of the boxes (397952428831 & 397952447150) contained damaged china. Box 397952428831 contained all the damaged china with the exception of one dinner plate in box 397952447150.

Total Damage In Goods:

4 Dinner plates,

4 Salad plates, and

2 saucers for cups.

Estimated loss using a paper price sheet sent from (images below; price sheet PDF). Note: The dinner plates are out of stock. To get the plates off EBay they cost more. Ebay search term is “Grace China Rochelle“. In the interest of settling the estimated loss is:

4 dinner plates @ 11.99 each

4 salad plates @ 7.99 each

2 cup saucers @ 6.99 each

Subtotal 36.97

With WA State Sales Tax @10.5% = 42.51.

Claim: $42.51