Diagnosis (3/26/2020):

1. Anal mass, excision:;
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma (see comment)
Carcinoma present at the distal margin and within 0.1 cm of the deep margin.
Proximal from Latin proximus, meaning ‘nearest’
margin is equivalent due to cautery effect.
P16 immunostain is positive.

2. Anal mass, additional proximal margin:
Squamous mucosa with at least high grade dysplasia/carcinoma in situ; microinvasion cannot be excluded.
Anal mass lesion is an invasive squamous cell carcinoa with basaloid features. In one focus, features suggestive but not diagnostic of vascular invasion present. P16 is positive with HPV driven malignancy.

Dr. Hare and Dr. Kaabipour have reviewed the case and concurred with the above interpretation.

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