Action Recommendations – re: Corona Virus

4/30/2020 – Where to get beef   Stegall Cattle Company Facebook page

Pam’s son in law run’s the Stegall Cattle Company in Colusa. We got a quarter beef thismonth. Cost was $705.00 for a mixed quarter with a net poundage to 150 pounds (or $4.70/lb). Shared 3/4 of a cow with two others. The process takes some time. Once there are enough orders, the cow will be fed barley to get it ready to be butchered (2-4 weeks). Their Facebook page link is above. (this is Pamsterdam Pam).

04/10/2020 – Boosting Your Immune System In Defense Against Coronavirus
PSA Grocery Shopping Tips in COVID-19 (See Important Notes Below)

(3/21/20) Hello Friends & Family,

The first order of business is personal protection. That means wearing a mask to protect yourself. A home improvised mask (e.g. sewed) is in order if you do not have a commercial mask. Any corporate propaganda to the contrary is bullshit. Mask up and do it now. Agricultural supply and industrial supply stores may have some still. Locally a Winters CA ag store had N95 masks. Get the sewing people in your family activated.

2nd order of business to to make sure you have a food supply (including prescriptions) in your house for a minimum of 3 months. A US government report that was leaked says that this crisis will last a minimum of 18 months. Please utilize the ecommerce system (online stores) ASAP.   Amazon may still ship non-essential items according to an inside manager at Amazon (sales are down).

The logical extension of item 2 above is get your garden ready. A YouTube farmer says if he had to feed his family on 3 items (he mentions four). In order: (1) green beans (2) butternut squash (3) potatoes (4) sunflowers (for the seeds).

Love, Ron.

Update (2/26/2020): Per Chris Martenson’s YouTube video on 2/26/2020 at the 15:00 minute mark. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association, advised that individuals should think about stockpiling food for at least 3-4 days – or ideally two weeks, in case there are lockdowns.

Like me, you may find this “news” crazy. Is this really happening? Are those pictures of empty store shelves in China and Italy (now Hawaii 2/28/2020) for real? The government will save us, right? Trust me, I’m not that crazy. So I’m going to prep. for two months starting today (2/27/2020) and I hope you do the same. While I’m stressed on this, I’m thinking about the benefits of quarantine besides not catching Coronavirus; I’ll get to be with my family and pets. I’ll also get to talk to you (o;

Gotta go now, time to get started on that to do list. Don’t forget to get those books you want to read. Buy that “something” you’ve wanted now (that comes from a supply chain across the globe). Think of it as an early Christmas or Spring-mas.)

Love Ron

(2/23/2020) Dear Friends and Family:

I think the Corona virus represents a real danger to us all. At a minimum I would look into it as soon as possible. Just pretend that it is a real emergency and the time for action is NOW. I’m still dealing with how do you break such bad news to your family. It is a sad thing and I’m not prepared. Please feel free to reach out when you have time. I’m hoping my employer allows me to work from home. I’m confident it will eventually happen because it is the logical thing to do. Sooner is better than later.

The first person I would listen to is Chris Martenson at (and a YouTube page). He has a PHd in Pathology and appears to have a handle on what is going on. I find what he says is shocking and yet it appears what he says is true and that we need to prepare.

A good first step is to increase the food that you would normally put into your pantry (“deep pantry”). If quarantines are put in place, like they are in China and Italy, you may have to hunker down in your home. Right now a 4-6 week supply may be a good idea. Other supplies like gloves, masks, and electrolytes may be needed to treat family members with the virus.

Most of us will experience some of the supply chain disruptions when we go to purchase things made in China, Korea, Italy, etc. Factories are sending staff home and they shutting down. Apple, Toyota and other corporations are announcing that earnings will be lower because of supply chain disruptions related to the virus.

  • The virus may have no symptoms and yet be infectious for up to 27 days. Think of an iceberg – you can’t see much of the danger, yet it is right there.
  • The virus can be aerosolized which means it can just float in the air.
  • Old fashioned quarantines are necessary because we have no immunity (which is similar to the 1918 influenza).

Ron Deluce 2/23/2020

The links below are articles I thought were important as I was learning about the virus. I think going to Chris’ site is best, with the MedCram YouTube page a good second. For regular news I strongly recommend Zerohedge. For you conspiracy buffs, the Interview with Dr.Francis Boyle (below) is excellent.