Labor Day 2022 = Where we are in the War Against Humanity?

Kill Gates

“Kill Gates” a framework for understanding the War Against Humanity

Much like using the history of Adolf Hitler to tell the story of WWW II, Bill or “Kill” Gates actions provide an insight on the deployment of the war against humans and our current challenges. Bill’s touch ranges from the Jeffrey Epstein human trafficking operation to the cricket factory recently created in Ontario Canada to feed us. James Corbett’s 2020 documentary “Who Is Bill Gates” provides a framework for understanding Bill Gates and our current historical events. This two hour documentary is well worth your time to to give insight to those, like Bill Gates, who seek to enslave or murder us.

The Fraud is Being Exposed to More and More People

Like cornered rats, the forces of evil are necessarily still marching forward with their crimes against humanity to continue the death inducing injections. The MRNA weapon is apparently being deployed to the flu jab this fall. Some prior year statistics (2020, 2021) did not even include the flu as it had been conquered by the jab (the experimental MRNA gene therapy, recently relabeled as a vaccine). Even the fraudulent PCR test is still with us despite the CDC (Crime and Death Corporation) taking it off the EUA (emergency use authorization) in December 2021. Last month the CDC started revising away their web site of assurances of how safe the “vaccines” were. Some, like Deborah Brix (Trump’s Corona Virus Czar), are admitting they lied to us publicly.

New fronts appear to be warming up from the WEF (World Economic Forum) such as injecting children, humans eating insects, food scarcity, energy scarcity, monkey pox, tomato pox, Biden vilifying Trump supporters, the evil of nitrogen, climate change armies and an IRS army. Will their new attacks distract us from their ongoing crimes?

Ongoing Crimes

The immunity suppressing jabs appear to be rearing their ugly heads in three statistics. Birth rates, dying suddenly, unknown diseases, known diseases and disabilities. Arguably these

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