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The purpose of this page is to gather and present web links to various web sites related to Clif High. This page is updated dynamically (via RSS feeds) from sites such as SubStack, Twitler, ScrewYouTube, Telegram, etc. There can be up to a 12 hour delay on some feed updates.

Clif is my favorite world history analyst who keeps an eye on the future through his predictive linguistics computer programs. He talks about unknown knowledge (the “Woo“) and the results of his predictive language analysis program results. Other key terms Clif uses are (1) the “SOC” [a self organizing collective that formed after the assassination of president John F. Kennedy] and (2) devolution [the concept that restorative government operations began around the stolen 2020 presidential election] under COOP/COG. Clif talks about devolution with Patel Patriot here.

Clif’s SubStack channel deals a bit with Clif informing his Washington state legislators about their actions and the DOD Law of War manual. If public representatives are working with enemies of the United States (knowing or not) they may be subject to the penalties under the DOD’s Law of War.

I ❤❤❤ Clif High.

His primary daily text and link information stream is on Twitter. His personally produced videos are on @ videos below). Bitchute site. GAB site. Twitter site. Substack site. YouTube, YouTube-2 sites . Links to videos on other sites information may appear in this post below.

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  • It's dirty. It's cluttered. It's yours….
  • bullshit & fear porn around AI.
  • it's in YOUR brain….right now…. don't worry, it's blind….but maybe not for long…..
  • Uncertainty….
  • Shit hitting the fan? Dick Allgire of (best in the world of the 'free range' RV'ers) chats with me about data & old men freaking out…
  • mind to machine interface discussion
  • brittle, fragile, frequently wrong, ignorant, but fun
  • Deep Woo….soul man
  • More TOE & How to harmonize & Why Now Trump Indictment
  • It's here -> The PEOPLE are on the Move.

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Related Web Sites ( to TOC)

Clif has referenced other web sites and personalities that are listed below in alphabetical order:

CrownutsNEW (comments from a British Columbia man)

Bitcoin Ben – Rumble

Bix WeirRoad to Roota (ex bankster, crypto/silver enthusiast, musician), YouTube, Road to Roota web site (Note: I have an annual account in case you want to see it without paying).

A welcome addition to the Clif High fan club.

CryptoViewing (Dick Allgire) – YouTubeClif High & Dick Allgire Talk Remote Viewing Web bot and Woo-Woo! How To Predict The Future

David Nino RodriguezYouTube

JeanClaude – BeyondMystic (woo woo kinda guy with crypto, silver) YouTube,

JSNIP4Rumble, YouTube

Litcoin Lisa – (crypto enthusiast, freedom activist) YouTube

Monkey Werx ( monitors air flights and other technical details of the NWO) YouTube

Reggie Middleton ( creator of crypto Veritaseum ) YouTube, Twitter

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