Solutions — Right Now – Gareth Icke Talks To Street MD Dr Joseph Yi About The Psychology Of ‘Covid’

Solutions Review (18 Dec 2021): Gareth Icke interviews psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Yi (19:32 minutes).

Practical advice about staying mentally fit and how people can avoid giving in to repeated terror campaigns (scare, lockdown, restore some freedoms, rinse and repeat). Joseph talks about the “Four pillars of mental wellness” which most people could use to avoid psychiatry in general (included below and starting at minute 17:15).

  • Turn off the news.
  • Put energy into sleeping properly.
  • Eat smarter and cleaner.
  • Stimulate the mind properly (exercise and have “fun” which is the opposite of depression).
  • Connect with the right people – people who elevate you – avoid toxic people.
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