Jon du Toit – Act of War (Rumble)

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Because you failed to enslave my brain
You seek for ways to inflict the pain
Upon my body, my flesh and blood
Force me to bow to your poison god

But you’re mistaken, I’ll never kneel
I’ll never subject myself to your lethal needle
And you can try to destroy my life
But every time that we fight makes me more alive

To these bastards, living is an act of war

And as you whisper your threats in my ear
You secretly hope I obey out of fear
And though I’m afraid, I’m willing to bleed
Let my tears salt the earth where you plant your deceit

I’ll never give up, no I’ll never give in
You can kill off my flesh, not the spirit within
It will stay alive while you wither and die
Cuz my faith’s not in man but in God the Most High

To these bastards, living is an act of war

Author: deluce

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